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The Springer Spaniel Mysteries

Written & Illustrated by Nancy T. Lucas

Award-winning author Nancy Lucas lives in Charleston, SC. She received a BRAG Medallion Honoree award in 2014 for "A Ghostly Tail" and a Red Ribbon from The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards (UK) in 2014 for "The Missing Tulip Bulbs".



The Complete Series: The Springer Spaniel Mysteries

Four stories of rescues and courage in Charleston, South Carolina

scout and chisolm

"Will there be cheese"?

Chisolm the Possum, a food critic


Hi  there! Letters, books,  life in  Charleston, South Carolina, pot hole reviews. It's all here,  baby! You'll be so glad you stopped by. I am a LEADING expert on what dogs do all day in  Harleston Village :)


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