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Hopsewee Plantation, Georgetown, SC

We had a lovely lunch at Hopsewee's Tea Room this afternoon on the way from Charleston, SC to the Wooden Boat Show in Georgetown. The October weather was absolutely perfect. You can learn all about Hopsewee here.

The best new reason to go is that Hopsewee is opening a new museum next month. The museum is a tribute and recognition of the generations on enslaved people on the plantation. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview today and it is fantastic. It took 3 years to build it and pull it all together. I think it took 10-15 years to excavate the property to find, preserve and display all the artifacts: buttons, arrow heads, tools, models, including a working model of a rice mill. Just press and hold down the button to see it in action. It is really cool.

hopsewee plantation sc

new museum at hopsewee plantation georgetown sc



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