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Pot Hole Winner of the Week: George Street, Charleston, South Carolina

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Google view of asphalt

This one is fairly epic. It lives between King Street and Meeting Street, right in front of the crazy expensive surface parking lot, in the 36 block.

I noticed it when the previously Bob Ellis Shoe Store was re-imagined as a hotel. It's a lumpy pot hole, aspiring to the likes of the Coming Street inverted band, but not quite spanning the 2 lanes of George Street. It's only been there for three years, so I'm optimistic we can expect great things for the evolution of this newbie. I predict a new, 2-lane inverted speed bump.

Right now it's a big fat surprise as you drive to the Harris Teeter and, as I like to say, blam-mo, look out for a broken axel. Good luck to you in Charleston, South Carolina!



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