The Springer Spaniel Mysteries

2014 BRAG Medallion Honoree


The Springer Spaniel Mysteries Series
What do dogs really do all day in Harleston Village?

Scout is an only dog and sometimes lonely, but he does have some dog friends in his Charleston, SC neighborhood. Whether it’s a pair of Boston Terriers that go missing, a difficult ghost dog bully that needs re-homing, tulip bulbs that must be found, or a cursed carriage mule, it’s up to Scout (and later, NEW PUPPY Benne Wafer) to lead the rescue missions and solve the mysteries. Along the way, he encounters a terrifying boa constrictor, some unkind wharf rats and a chatty possum that’s obsessed with food. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and some extra palmetto bugs for these adventures that will take you through Charleston’s city sewers, King Street shopping and to the City Market! And in this volume, Part Four of The Springer Spaniel Mysteries includes the new adventure, The Curse of the Carriage Mule. (Illustrated chapter books for kids 8+)

  • Humor

    silly, dry

  • Characters

    friendly, sweet

  • Scary

    mystery, sewers

  • illustrations


The Springer Spaniel Mysteries

Cast of Characters

Meet your new friends!
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A black and white Springer Spaniel
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Benne Wafer

A Springer Spaniel puppy
Very playful. Everything is a game.
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A fat grey possum
Chisolm is a food critic.
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An Irish Wolfhound
Hamish is a lost, ghost dog bully. Scout helps find his new home in the second adventure, “A Ghostly Tail”.
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Ike & Clyde

A pair of Boston Terriers
They were lost in the sewers of Charleston in the first adventure, “The Missing Boston Terriers of Smith Street”.
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A Boykin Spaniel
Off-leash, Pudge is the neighborhood sage and gossip.
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Morris and friends

Wharf rats
Gatekeepers of the city’s sewers.
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A misguided dragon

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2014 Red Ribbon Winner Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards (UK)

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