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Pot Hole of the week = Lockwood and Calhoun, Charleston SC

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

This one is a doozy! Your SUV is in danger of being consumed here. Just as you exit the James Island Connector, blam! Left lane, before you get to the City Marina. Lockwood has always been a dubious street, built on a landfill. It frequently sinks and settles. It really should be a bridge instead of a road. I've lived here since 1987, and the City has revamped the road a few times, building the Connector in 1990, and other improvements. Wear your seatbelt so your head doesn't hit the roof of your car if you miscalculate and hit this pot hole at 55mph instead of 10mph. Like I said, it's a doozy! It's too hot right now to ride my bike to go take a photo of the demon pot hole, so I'll add it later.

I've filed a request. Let's see what happens!

Thank you

Your maintenance work request has been successfully submitted. If you have any questions regarding your maintenance work request, please contact the SCDOT Charleston County maintenance office at 843-740-1655. Please reference maintenance work request number 731722 when discussing your request with the SCDOT maintenance office. Our goal is to complete work requests within 30 days of receipt.



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