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Pot Hole Winner of the Week: 240 block of Coming Street, Charleston, SC

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

I find this pot hole amusing. If pot holes had a sense of humor or irony, this would win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Hark and behold, it lurks mainly in the right hand of the 2-lane, 1-way street of dear Coming Street, a locals' favorite. Freshmen College of Charleston Parents beware.

Get ready, it's a new one: the Inverted Speed Bump. Sure, lots of pot holes span lanes, but this is a work of art. It is so beautifully symmetrically designed by chance and forces of Charleston nature, it almost deserves its own historic marker. And it's been there about 5 years.

I drive over it every day on the way to work. I crawl over it at about 5 mph, while frustrated drivers swerve around me in the left hand lane in their hurry to get to I-26. And then they get walloped.

I almost hate to report this one to the City. It has real staying power. It's not getting worse, staying the same.



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