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November 11, 1935

115 North Oxford

Los Angeles, California

Dear Miss Jeannie,

You were always the prettiest woman I ever knew, and now my dreams have come true and you truly haven’t changed a bit. How I love you!

You wrote me you were getting old, well, by jingo you may be getting, but you haven’t got, yet.

The day at Lelia’s seems like a fairly-tale. I was so excited over being with both of you again, I was in a daze of excitement.

Thirty-nine youngsters have toned me down now, and I remember exactly how you looked, but there were too many people around. I wanted you all to myself.

We found everything in order when we returned, and life goes on merrily.

I still want to thank you for coming in to see us. Did I tell you I appreciate your making the trip in? No, I’ll bet I just stared at my own dear Miss Jeannie.

Lots of love,




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