The Curse of the Carriage Mule

Springer Spaniel Mystery #4

“Are you staying? Are you new?  My name is Zip.”

“Oh, hello, Zip,” squeaked Benne Wafer.  He was now surrounded by many animals.  Some he recognized, like the mules and horses he had seen pulling carts and carriages.  And he saw a big gray fluffy cat.  And another goat.  The second goat introduced himself as Zap.

All the animals were friendly, except for the cat.  He just looked at Benne, not bothering to say hello.  

“These horses are a lot bigger up close,” said Benne, trying to think of something to say.

“HAH,” laughed a rude horse in the back of the barn.  It was dim back there, so Benne couldn’t see who had laughed at him.

“Oh, don’t mind Clementine,” said Zip. 

“Oh, don’t mind me!” sneered Clementine.  She came closer and Benne could see she was a different type of horse, but he didn’t know what kind and now he felt nervous.

“Hello,” he said.  “I’m Benne Wafer.”

“He’s a Springer Spaniel puppy,” said Zip.

“I can see that,” snapped Clementine.  She lowered her great big head with its drooping ears and snorted at Benne.

He was startled and jumped straight in the air.  

“For your information,” said Clementine, “I am not a horse.”  Then she walked back to her stall in the back of the barn and into the dimness.

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