How did I come to write about my Springer Spaniels?

free download missing boston terrors springer spaniel mysteries illustrated chapter books for kidsI went to visit my dad the other day and we started talking about my Springer Spaniel Mysteries series. He wanted to know how I came to create them.

That’s easy – I love my dogs! We have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood, and I began to think about how a conversation might go between them when they meet on the street. One day I noticed a pair of Boston Terriers on Smith Street and they were very cute. However, I was concerned since when they were perched on their front door step, anyone could have reached over the fence and lifted them out of their home. Then I wondered what would happen to them if they escaped and got lost!

Then I wondered, hmm, this could be a mystery! But who would read a “Springer Spaniel Mystery”? That was the stupidest idea ever, I thought.

But the little characters kept saying hello every day when we walked past, including a cat. I decided I would write this short story and draws some cartoons. (I’ve been the Charleston Mercury cartoonist since 2006). The illustrations of the neighborhood and animals could make it a sort of memoir for my husband and me (we’ve lived in the same house since 1999), and he thought the idea was perfectly silly and cute. However, I had one obstacle  – I ‘d never water-colored before. Luckily, I have several artist friends who showed me the basics, which is all I would need for simple, recognizable animals and landmarks.

The result was a 47 page black and white illustrated book, “The Missing Boston Terriers of Smith Street”. I couldn’t afford to print it in color, so the drawings are sort of like E.H. Shepard’s in “Winnie-the-Pooh”. The ebook version has color illustrations.

One adventure led to another. A ghost dog bully, a NEW PUPPY, and a cursed carriage mule, all in historic Charleston. I am preparing to write and illustrate four more adventures about Scout, Chisolm and Benne Wafer since I am encouraged by my four and five-star rating on Amazon! I guess people really like dog stories! Thank you 🙂




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