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Rakht Charitra - 2 Hd 1080p Hindi

Rakht Charitra - 2: A Gripping Sequel to the Revenge Saga

Rakht Charitra - 2 is a 2010 Indian political action thriller film based on the life of Paritala Ravindra, a faction leader and political figure from Andhra Pradesh. The film was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and written by Prashant Pandey. It is a sequel to Rakht Charitra, which released two months earlier and narrated the rise of Ravindra's protÃgà Pratap Ravi (played by Vivek Oberoi) after the brutal killings of his father and brother.

Rakht Charitra - 2 hd 1080p hindi

The sequel focuses on the rivalry between Pratap Ravi and Suryanarayan Reddy (played by Suriya), a former associate of Ravindra who seeks revenge for the death of his family and followers at the hands of Pratap. The film depicts the violent and bloody events that lead to their final confrontation, as well as the involvement of other characters such as Shivaji Rao (played by Shatrughan Sinha), a fictionalized version of actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi, DCP Mohan Prasad (played by Sudeep), a honest cop who investigates the case, and Bhavani (played by Priyamani), Surya's wife who supports him in his quest.

The film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi, and also dubbed into Tamil. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of Oberoi and Suriya, but criticized the excessive violence and gore. The film was also a moderate success at the box office, earning more than its predecessor. The film was also notable for being based on real-life events and characters, some of whom were still alive at the time of its release. In fact, Suryanarayan Reddy was assassinated by one of his own men less than two months after the film came out, and Ram Gopal Varma was questioned by the police for his connection with him.

Rakht Charitra - 2 is a film that offers a glimpse into the dark and ruthless world of factional politics and vendetta killings in India. It is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who enjoy intense and realistic action dramas, it is a must-watch. The film is available to watch online in HD 1080p quality on YouTube [^1^] and other streaming platforms.

The film is a showcase of the acting talents of Vivek Oberoi and Suriya, who deliver powerful and convincing performances as the two warring protagonists. Oberoi portrays Pratap Ravi as a ruthless and charismatic leader who does not hesitate to eliminate his enemies, but also has a softer side for his wife and mother. Suriya plays Surya as a determined and fearless rebel who challenges Pratap's authority and survives several attempts on his life. The two actors share a great chemistry on screen and create a tense and gripping atmosphere throughout the film.

The film also features some notable supporting actors such as Shatrughan Sinha, who plays Shivaji Rao, a popular actor who enters politics and tries to broker peace between Pratap and Surya. Sinha brings his trademark style and charisma to the role and adds a touch of humor to the otherwise serious film. Sudeep plays DCP Mohan Prasad, a cop who is assigned to investigate the case and tries to bring justice to the victims. Sudeep gives a realistic and balanced performance as a man who is caught between his duty and his conscience. Priyamani and Radhika Apte play the wives of Surya and Pratap respectively, and provide emotional support to their husbands. Both actresses do justice to their roles and display their acting skills.

The film is also a technical marvel, as it is shot with a realistic and gritty style that suits the theme and mood of the film. The cinematography by P.S. Vinod and Amol Rathod captures the raw and violent nature of the factional wars, as well as the scenic beauty of the rural landscapes. The editing by Nipun Gupta is crisp and fast-paced, keeping the audience engaged throughout the film. The music by Sukhwinder Singh, Bapi-Tutul, Dharam Sandeep and Imran-Vikram is catchy and energetic, complementing the action sequences and the emotions of the characters. The film also features a narration by Amitabh Bachchan, who lends his voice to introduce the characters and the background of the story. c481cea774


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