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Achara Kovai Tamil Book Download ##TOP##

Achara Kovai Tamil Book Download: Learn from the Wisdom of Thiruvalluvar

achara kovai tamil book download


Achara Kovai (Tamil: ஆசரக்கவ) is a poetic work of didactic nature belonging to the Eighteen Lesser Texts (Pathinenkilkanakku) anthology of Tamil literature. This belongs to the post Sangam period corresponding to between 600 and 900 CE

Achara Kovai contains 100 poems written by the poet Peruvaayin Mulliyaar. The poems of Achara Kovai are written in the Venpa meter. The work is a collection of moral exhortations, ritual observances and customs that are considered proper and correct

Achara Kovai literally translates to the garland of right conduct of a Saiva author, Kayatturp Peruvayil Mulliyar. Achara Kovai shows influences of Sanskrit literature and hence believed to be of a later period than the other poems in the Pathinenkilkanakku anthology. The instructions in Achara Kovai are concerned with personal ritual and the correct method to follow

The book is rich in etiquette and taboos, which are classificatory of any literature teaching morals. The general importance of character elements of an individual namely blessings of parents, respect of five elements namely brahmins, cows, the Sun, the moon, the king and teachers and importance of speech is stressed

The work also covers topics such as eating rules, inviting and prostrating before elders, carrying umbrella for elders, not calling elders by name, not treating them arrogantly by words or body language, speaking by covering mouth, being attentive, using the same nice tone with elders and inferiors, never despising food offered and self-boasting about rituals performed and not using prolonged abuse of wife

Achara Kovai is a valuable source of information on the social and cultural life of the Tamils in the early medieval period. It also reflects the religious and philosophical views of the Saiva sect. The work is influenced by the Tirukkural, another famous Tamil classic on moral values and virtues written by Thiruvalluvar

If you are interested in reading Achara Kovai, you can download it from various online sources for free. You can also buy a paperback edition from or other online bookstores. Achara Kovai is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn from the wisdom of Thiruvalluvar and enrich their life with ethical principles and good conduct. c481cea774


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