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Break Bricks, Bounce Gnomes, and Have a Blast with Jardinains 2 - Download it for Free Now

Jardinains 2!: one of the best brickbreaker games available for the Mac. Over 2.5 million downloads worldwide!The 'nains have invaded--and it's up to you to to knock 'em off their blocks!Try the classic arcade game that's enchanted, infuriated, and delighted players of all ages! Use your ball and paddle to break bricks, bounce 'nains, collect bonuses, and dodge flowerpots in this easy-to-learn, impossible-to-put-down game. The Lite version of Jardinains 2! includes a variety of action-packed, reflex-testing levels; catchy music; mischievous 'nains; and nifty powerups. Buy the full version for even more fun, fist-shaking, and excitement!

download jardinains 2 free full version


Jardinains! comes complete with three level packs: Supercharge, Powerdrive and High Velocity. The three level packs contain everything you need to play the game including powerups, jardinains, special abilities and over fifty levels of exciting action-packed fun. In addition to the three level packs, the game also comes with three video game accessibility settings, a built-in, one-touch score counter and a full-screen help guide.


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