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Nudist And Naturist Beach Girls Movies - Pack 01

You can choose from 10 different water sports (including hobie cat sailing, waterskiing and snorkeling) and a variety of island adventures (like glass-bottom boat tours, a trip to Margaritaville). Dance classes, movies on the beach and piano-bar sing-alongs are also available.

Nudist and Naturist Beach Girls Movies - Pack 01

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She told the Radio Times, "I'm a naturist at heart. I love being on beaches where everyone is naked. Ugly people, beautiful people, old people, whatever. It's so unisexual and so liberating."[123] In 2004, she was named Naturist of the Year by British Naturism. She said: "Many thanks to British Naturism for this great honour. I do believe in naturism and am my happiest on a nude beach with people of all ages and races!"[124]

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