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Cast Iron Kettle 30 Gallon __HOT__

Feed over 300 adults in one sitting with this 30 gallon cast iron jambalaya pot by Bayou Classic. The 30 Gallon Jambalaya Pot by Bayou Classic is a three legged cast iron jambalaya pot used for large sized gatherings or for commercial applications. This jambalaya pot is the perfect jambalaya pot for camp troops. We have had several commercial customers use these jambalaya pots as kettle corn pots or cooking pots in festivals and more. There are no other cast iron jambalaya pots available by any other manufacturer that meet or beat the quality of the Bayou Classic jambalaya pots. The quality of this jambalaya pot is EXCELLENT! This cast iron jambalaya pot does not include the pictured lid. The jambalaya pot lid must be sold separately due to shipping. They must be packed and shipped separately.

cast iron kettle 30 gallon


Savor southern comfort food with Bayou Classic Jambalaya Pots. Heavy-gauge cast iron distributes heat evenly for slow cooking classic New Orleans jambalaya, beans & rice, chili, beef stew, and gumbo. These seasoned Jambalaya Pots feature reinforced tripod legs, steel tripod stand, and two lift hooks. Perfect for large event cooking; tailgating, festivals, reunions, church socials, and company cookouts.

See the pictures, This is a more than just another "stew pot" for sure... A True Rustic Americana Antique. From inspection of the very rustic nature of the casting design with the heavy, thick double gate marks and inherent casting flaws. Of cast iron residue (around the lower circumference just before the belly) from the mold, This Cauldron can go all the way back to.

Real early kettles have variations in the casting (from the molds used), and very early Kettles dating back to the 1700s have other marks called sprue marks, and they are extremely rare. I still have many Cauldrons up to 45 gallons, and some are very old with Sprue Marks which will be offered in the near future, as my time permits. Message me if you want any info on these, or other cast pieces I may have. Double Gate Marks precede Single Gate Marks, however; other issues in the casting lead to discerning the age.

Casting flaws are an easy tell, and they are visible thru-out, but I must note that in this example... The only real issues with inherent flaws from the casting is inner surface slight bulging (where the liquid iron pressed into the sand mold as it was being poured). Which is not to be considered damage. Is that if you run your hand throughout the inside surface, you will feel light bulges here and there.... All par tof its character.

I an unable to post a picture of my items.I have at least ten cast iron wash pots in various conditions. Some have a crack or two. Some have a chip missing. Others are in great shape. Some have embossed writing on them telling where they were made. It's become pretty popular to use the old p ...

This 30 gallon stationary hot tar kettle is the best choice for parking lot repair, roof tar application, and hot mop pan installation. Perfect for contractors, property managers, school districts, cities, townships and other municipality.

Today, as in years past, there exists no finer cooking kettles for apple butter than Bucyrus Copper Kettles. Thousands are currently in use in both commercial and private sectors. Unlike spun copper products, these kettles are planished to a hardness that ensures long service. Available with iron fire stand for use in apple butter making and/or with a decorative wooden display cradle.

I am ordering my second 40 gallon apple butter kettle and it is still as good as new. This is not for replacement, but rather because our family has grown. We bought the one we are now using over thirty years ago. Our great grandchildren are now using it now.

Cast iron jambalaya pot kit 30 gallons. This set includes 1 jambalaya pot, 1 tripod stand, 2 lift hooks. The Bayou Classic cast iron jambalaya pots feature durability, versatility, and overall quality. This cast iron cookware can accommodate any outdoor cooking need. It is made rough and rugged. The Bayou Classic's cast iron jambalaya kits are complete and ready to use and these pots can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Our open fire cast iron cooking series has been leading up to a hands-on open fire cooking event that you do not want to miss. Cook alongside our executive on your own kettle set and learn all the amazing tips and techniques of cooking over an open fire with heirloom quality cooking kettles. Meet with the founders and owners of Sea Island Forge, Steve and Sandy Schoettle, who will be available during the event to talk about their kettle products and assist with the experience. This one-of-a-kind event will span into early evening with a Sunset Supper enjoying the dish you prepared open fire-style.

What is a syrup kettle? Back in the late 1800's Goldens' Foundry & Machine Company began producing syrup kettles during the sugar cane boom. Over 100 years later, our kettle design has become the perfect inspiration for outdoor fire pits with 1/2" American-made ductile cast iron construction! Our 20 and 30 gallon fire pits come Pre-drilled to allow for drainage, or for a gas line or for plumbing for a water feature. However, you can still order without pre-drilling for syrup kettle use!

Enjoy generations of fire-side chats with family and friends with our durable 3/8" inch thick Goldens' Cast Iron 30 Gallon Fire Pit, constructed of industrial ductile cast iron and will out last any competitor.

Goldens' Cast Iron also offers a 20 Gallon Fire Pit is constructed of industrial durable 3/8" inch thick ductile cast iron. Looks amazing with a Goldens' Cast Iron Laser-cut Fire Pit Stand (sold separately)

Learn more about our Goldens' Cast Iron family of products. We offer high quality, American-made cast iron kamado cookers, as well as syrup kettle fire pits and accessories! Discover the goodness and join the Iron Age family! Welcome to the Iron Age and Get You Some Goodness!

Add bones, pork roast, onion and garlic into a 30 gallon cast iron kettle. Add water to within 3 inches of the top of the kettle. Bring water to a boil in the kettle and boil for 3 hours. Add additional water halfway thorough to keep the kettle full. Remove the kettle from the heat source

The Mega Ruby all-grain brewing system offers all of the convenience, features, and quality of the original Ruby Street Brewery now with 30 gallon kettles. This larger capacity system will easily brew 20 gallon batches and features larger burners.

1x Frame - Welded Stainless Construction (powder-coated) 3x 30 gallon stainless steel kettles (with lids) 3x 10" cast iron burners (with gas manifold and regulator) 2x False bottoms 2x Thermometers (HLT and mash tun)1x Stainless Steel Pump (with key fob remotes) 1x Thru wall return fittings (mash tun) All SS Tri-clover fittings and silicone tubing Complete Owner's Manual (with 1 year limited warranty)

A few months ago, our product research and testing coordinator Kris Stubblefield was at the home of our CEO, Henry Lodge, and noticed an old piece of cast iron in the yard. The piece was a large 12 gallon pot, overturned and rusted on the inside. With Henry's blessing, Kris decided to try and breathe new life into the forgotten casting.

A cast iron fire pit works well in almost any yard, by enhancing your lifestyle and giving your backyard that special touch of warmth and beauty. Fire pits are not only cozy to sit next to but also create a captivating centerpiece to encourage conversation. They are the ideal way to expand your outdoor entertainment space, increase your property value, and to bring extra beauty to any backyard, deck or patio.

Hi, I purchased a large cast iron cauldron on a tripod stand. It measures about 22" across and 15" deep. Has a "20" on the bottom. Seems to have short hairs stuck to it. Could this be from hog scalding? Does this happen to cauldrons used for this purpose?Any info appreciated.Cathy Davidson


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