September 1, 2015


Illustrated Chapter Books for Kids, ages 8+

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The Missing Boston Terriers of Smith Street: An inspiring tail of courage! Scout is an only dog and sometimes lonely. But he has some dog friends in his neighborhood and when a pair of Boston Terriers go missing, it’s up to Scout to search Charleston peninsula’s storm drains and sewers to rescue them. Along the way he encounters a terrifying boa constrictor, some unkind wharf rats and a chatty possum that’s obsessed with food. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and some extra palmetto bugs for a snack for this adventure!

> Available in print $7.99

 A Ghostly Tail: An eerie tail of a ghost dog bully… Scout and his friends are back in their second adventure in “The Springer Spaniel Mysteries” series! In “A Ghostly Tail”, Hamish is an Irish Wolfhound that returns to haunt Montagu Street and frame Scout for bad things he hasn’t done. But Hamish is a sad ghost dog bully; he misses his family who moved away without him. Scout needs to find a way to return Hamish to his mumma’s purse during a King Street shopping trek so that Harleston Village will be safe. Along the way, Scout gets help from his own ghosts, Pudge the Boykin Spaniel, Chisolm the Possum and several other friends.

>> Available in print $7.99

 The Missing Tulip Bulbs: Who would steal 700 tulip bulbs? Scout and his friends are back in their third adventure in “The Springer Spaniel Mysteries” series! In “The Missing Tulip Bulbs”, Scout and his friends search for the culprits and the answer to this burning question. They need to find the bulbs and replant them so that the annual spring party, The Impromptu Tulip Mania Party, will go on as planned. Delicious food was expected and without the flowers, the party will be canceled. Scout suspects his best friend, Chisolm, and also learns interesting new facts about squirrels and why they can count so high.

The Curse of the Carriage Mule: Back in their fourth adventure of the The Springer Spaniel Mysteries, Scout and Benne Wafer struggle to solve the mystery of the cursed carriage mule. Clementine appears to be a mule, pulling carriages of tourists in the historic city of downtown Charleston, SC. When Benne Wafer, a Springer Spaniel puppy, get lost at the farmers’ market, he is found and taken to a carriage horse and mule barn. The kind tour guide has contacted Benne’s mumma and will return Benne to his home when they go out on the next tour. Meanwhile, Benne makes new friends at the barn and learns of Clementine’s unfortunate curse.


springer spaniel mysteries

The complete series (4) in one volume: Scout is an only dog and sometimes lonely, but he does have some dog friends in his Charleston, SC neighborhood. Whether it’s a pair of Boston Terriers that go missing, a difficult ghost dog bully that needs re-homing, tulip bulbs that must be found, or a cursed carriage mule, it’s up to Scout (and later, NEW PUPPY Benne Wafer) to lead the rescue missions and solve the mysteries. Along the way, he encounters a terrifying boa constrictor, some unkind wharf rats and a chatty possum that’s obsessed with food. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and some extra palmetto bugs for these adventures that will take you through Charleston’s city sewers, King Street shopping and to the City Market! And in this volume, Part Four of The Springer Spaniel Mysteries includes the new adventure, The Curse of the Carriage Mule.

PRAISE for The Springer Spaniel Mysteries: “This series… promises to be enticing to comic canine mystery lovers age 8 and up.” – The Midwest Book Review

“We are proud to announce that A GHOSTLY TAIL by Nancy T. Lucas is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.” – indieBrag

“Anyone with a wee one in need of a good read, a heart for hounds, or just a love for a good yarn will enjoy The Missing Tulip Bulbs.” – The Charleston Mercury

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Book for Adults

Courage of a Vampire: 

This is a humorous, creepy tale of a vampire searching for her identity.

Maggie moves to Richmond, VA, as a pre-med student and meets a strange group of kids at her college. They refer to themselves as “Vampire Groupies”; they file their canine teeth and drink fake blood. Maggie uses them to hide in plain sight (since she suspects herself to be a real vampire), and falls in love with the self-nicknamed Vlad, formerly known in the Richmond suburbs where he grew up as Larry Marker.

However, Maggie becomes a victim herself when she falls into a sealed train tunnel on Church Hill; she hides her bodies in there and falls in with her latest victim. Unfortunately, she stabs herself with her own veterinary gun needle, bleeds out and wakes ten years later. To her horror, despite being in partial denial about her true nature for years, she awakens, has not physically aged, and most definitely a real vampire.

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possums and politics 10 years of charleston mercury cartoons

This volume of 10 years of Charleston Mercury cartoons by Nancy T. Lucas covers local politics (in Charleston, SC) as well as state, national and international politics. Also included is a chapter dedicated to the world of Charleston Mercury.

Forward by Charles Waring and Robert Salvo

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