September 1, 2015

About Nancy T. Lucas, Writer, Illustrator, Cartoonist

nancy t lucas and scout the springer spaniel mysteries author photo

Nancy and Scout

Award-winning author Nancy Lucas lives in Charleston, SC. She received a BRAG Medallion Honoree award in 2014 for “A Ghostly Tail” (#2 in the “Springer Spaniel Mysteries” series) and a Red Ribbon from The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards (UK) in 2014 for “The Missing Tulip Bulbs”  (#3 in the “Springer Spaniel Mysteries” series).  All four mysteries may be collected in one print volume: click here. Nancy is a leading expert on what dogs do all day in Harleston Village, in Charleston, South Carolina.

In addition to writing and illustrating “The Springer Spaniel Mysteries” series, she has been a cartoon contributor for the Charleston Mercury since 2006, a paperzine with a cosmopolitan attitude. Visit them at (photo by

Scout is her favorite Springer Spaniel and she insists on writing silly stories about his capers. However, things get a bit chaotic when NEW PUPPY (Benne Wafer – that’s Mr. Wafer to you) joins the Montagu Street gang.

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