I have left social media

Hi there! I am as annoyed as everyone else; we’re just trying to promote our goods and wares (small businesses) and the privacy has been breached, not that we didn’t see it coming. I know we gave it up, free and clear, sort of, but it’s still annoying. And then ‘they’ decided (in January) to ‘return to their roots’ and increase the advertising cost, with very little organic (free) exposure. Therefore, there is no reason to maintain accounts. I hope you’ll understand and keep visiting me here.

Meanwhile, I have a new full time job in marketing and finance, which I am really excited about. I plan to keep writing Springer Spaniel books, maybe 2019 projected date. I hope so. I enjoy it; it’s just good fun. If you don’t have have your sense of humor, you’ll have a hard time getting through hard times 🙂

Thank you for your support since 2011! I really appreciate it. Benne Wafer is adjusting to my new business hours; he has lots of friends to come by and take him for walks, so please don’t worry. He is OK, just missing his mumma.