Charleston Mercury – March 2017 – March madness

march madness 2017

Charleston Mercury – March 2017

No, this isn’t the March Madness anyone was expecting, or were they? We knew chaos had come the W.H. in January. We have no one to blame but ourselves, no matter for whom you voted.

I honestly am so dejected when I read about another protest rally gone bad, another police shooting, another terrorist attack. It never ends. We can call ourselves “strong” and say we aren’t afraid, but we are.

Fear has changed everything in America. You don’t have to look farther than your corner grocery store’s high tech surveillance cameras. Yes, those have been in stores for a while, but now they’re all over the city, tracking your progress to and from the store. “They” even watch us (and listen to us) from outer space, right through the roofs of our cars, offices and homes.

Children are searched when they go to school because they might have a weapon. Where did they get the weapon? At home? Why did their parents have a weapon? Because they’re afraid?

Businesses are afraid. Adults are drug-tested to get private sector jobs. I read an article in the local paper about a small store selling their lot to a developer and displacing a couple of employees. One had worked for them for over 30 years. His quote in the paper said something like this: he’s waiting to hear back from Walmart after he takes their mandatory drug test. A resume and good references are apparently not good enough for Walmart. Fear in this country is what has made the powers that be treat all of us as criminals first, so it’s no wonder people are rioting in the streets.