Charleston Mercury – January 2017 – Happy New Year

charleston mercury january 20178 cartoon

Charleston Mercury – January 2017

Happy New Year. The !@#$% election is finally over, and they all can’t start the 2020 campaigns fast enough. Never mind actually showing up for work in the Capitol.

Anyway, here’s Baby New Year Trump being delivered to the W.H. by our friend, the patriotic American Bald Eagle. I loaned him some goggles for his flight from N.Y.C. to D.C. That’s Big O lurking in the background. I originally had him dressed up as Father Time, but by the time I hung the clock around his neck, he looked more like Flava Flav. My editors and I agreed that because of this hyper-racially charged era we live in, people might take it any which way they can, but we didn’t want to find out the hard way.

Happy New Year.