Surely there’s a bear in here somewhere!

brown bear wreathAnd here he is. Let me introduce you to an old friend, Brown Bear. I can’t remember how he was named, but we’ve been together ever since. Here he is sporting a new sweater, handmade, from a friend. She doesn’t make bear sweaters professionally, she doesn’t have time, but it was an awesome gift. He’s getting very threadbare around the middle and this old Lands End sweater was just the thing to keep him warm. I found this cute scarf that my puppy refuses to wear and he agreed it looks better on BB. Benne Wafer prefers a bell to add to his daily chaos of barking and jumping straight into the air for no reason. I’m glad they can share during the festive season. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Brown Bear this month. I heard he has a new (seasonal) job with, so look for him on social media. He could be the most interesting bear in the world… 😉